This new resin is probably the best tough resin I’ve used so far in my 4 years of resin printing. :)Also; chitubox's beta version supports Photon Mono. Model: Resin Brand: Type: Layer Thickness: Bottom Layers: Exposure Time: Bottom Exposure Time: Light-Off Delay: Bottom Light-Off Delay: Bottom Lift Distance: Lifting Distance Regularly rotating the model whilst under the UV lamp may be necessary hence the reason I’ve been using a rotating display while the models are being post cured. Clear translucent resins require a shorter exposure time when compared to darker more opaque resins. The resin is toxic (lots of things you might find around the house are harmful, you don’t have to worry as long as you take precautions), I always make sure I wear gloves and have the windows open to allow air to flow through because the resin smells quite strong and the alcohol and the methylated spirits are very fumy! ​Here are some problems you may encounter. Had some bad warping/layers on some of the models. Most recommendations I have seen for the mono line seem to recommend speeds anywhere from 40-60% of standard photon times. Pros: Easy to work with; Prints models very good The suggested curing time settings range from 5 to 15 seconds. Smell – The resin smells quite strong so it’s definitely not very practical to use it in a small room or anywhere in the house for that matter! (as in; 6mm/s is *bad*. But so far, the default settings have been working really well. Normal Exposure Time Off Time Bottom Exposure Time Bottom Layers. I've just started with a mono and I'm using eco white resin. Using the supplied plastic spatula will work for a while however after repeated use it will quickly become unusable so I suggest getting a better spatula. But Mono screens change all those numbers. The ANYCUBIC resin is most suitable for the Photon /Photon S 3D printer. We show you all you need to know to get started! This said my machine came defective so I can't even test by myself. The light source design, exposure time and other printing parameters of different brands of LCD 3D printers are different.The resin composition ratio of ANYCUBIC designed for the photon is special , it is the most consistent with resin photon print parameter. Once the prints are finished there is still some extra cleaning of the parts that need to be done to remove excess resin. Anycubic's Photon uses its own proprietary slicer. The new UV module has a more even distribution of UV light. It does a similar job however it’s a little more volatile so don’t leave it in the solution for too long, just long enough to remove the resin then wash the residual methylated spirits away with water. Come discuss resin printing or submit your questions here! There’s some debate about how toxic resin is, but wearing a mask and gloves can help reduce your exposure and the effect of the resin on your eyes and skin. The Siraya Tech can give you the same quality print at … Everything about the Photon series printers from Anycubic! The Anycubic Photon comes with a small 250ml bottle of resin which is a good starting point, I managed to get 2ltrs of the Wanhao resin from China for $90USD plus $40 postage. With the latest firmware for the Photon S it now supports a resin exposure test called the Resin Exposure Range Finder. Remember that mono X also has adjustable power (a setting which I've seen to not be consisent across individual units). I'm using the green Anycubic resin that came with the printer. You’re getting a 1 year warranty along with life time technical support. ​Well that just about covers all the extra details you might want to know about the Anycubic Photon, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment and if you have any photos you’d like to share of 3D prints you can attach them to your comment. When a layer gets cured (especially the first few support layers) there is a very strong suction force as the layer gets pulled away from the bottom of the vat. Dental and anything from other brands) has a different composition thus requiring other settings. You may find cheaper resin online however not all resins are the same, I’ve used the Anycubic clear green resin which I really like.
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