Lisbon), 4caf8863cadfd341970202bb: ( 53-49495/ADM 53-49495-010_0.jpg), 10.00am: HM Whalers Charon, Fly & Pickle arrived, 5.00pm: Read warrant 34. which was turned over to Folkestone to tow to Port Mudros. Read warrant 103, 4caf8872cadfd341970208ae: ( 1 SSA discharged to RNB. 53-49484-009_1.jpg), 12.30pm: Exercised watch at action stations. Moving engines as unless they are specified in the log. Carried Admiralty pass so 600 lbs; bread received: 380 lbs, Water expended: 5 tons; remaining 16.5 tons, Coal expended for all purposes: 9 tons; remaining: location or position, but they are at Mikindani which is at Lat -10.3, Long 53-49470-006_1.jpg), 4caf886dcadfd341970206aa: ( This Page is dedicated to the Leander Class Frigates and the men of the Royal Navy who served on them. 53-49480-011_1.jpg), 4caf8871cadfd34197020842: ( as requisite, 5.00pm: Stopped. Draft from Britania joined ship, 4af8872cadfd341970208d6: ( 53-49462-004_0.jpg), 2.00am: 1 Shipwright joined from HMS Fisguard 53-49478-002_0.jpg), 4caf8870cadfd341970207df: ( progress, 9.00am: Received one wounded A.B. bread: 400 lbs, Water distilled: 4 tons; expended: 4 tons; remaining: vessel. 53-49469-015_0.jpg), 7.20pm: Course & speed as requisite approaching position given – Dahab is Lat 28.5, Long 34.5), 12.05pm: Course & speed as requisite following Harbour, 4.16pm: Came to with port bower bower in 8 fathoms Deprived of 1 GC Badge, 9.00pm: Arrived French Cruiser D'Entrecasteaux, 4caf8869cadfd34197020521: ( requisite leaving Aden, 4caf886ccadfd3419702068c: ( harbour, pilot in attendance, 4.43pm: Proceeded at Course & speeds as requisite 53-49449-013_1.jpg), 7.00pm: Fire broke out in No 2 lower bunker starboard, Temperatures remainder getting up empties and condemned flour, 9.30am: Discharged 1 AB to RN Depot Port Said, 11.40am: Working parties returned to ship, 1.20pm: Rigging, gun mounting and torpedo parties 6.00pm: 1 P.O. fired 34 rounds, 12.30pm: Talbot arrived and relieved Minerva off left 53-49484-017_1.jpg), 5.00pm: Patrol landed. Captain, 4caf886acadfd3419702058b: ( 1.30pm: SS Huntcliffe came alongside and made fast Yemen), 4caf8863cadfd341970202f5: ( 53-49484-016_1.jpg). 53-49449-027_1.jpg), 2.00am: Squally throughout & High head swell, 9.44am: Ship bearing due south one funnel and four Warrior, Racoon, and Basilisk in harbour, 7.45pm: Finished coaling, received 230 tons, 4caf8863cadfd341970202ed: ( 6.30am: Port watch employed drawing provisions. practice, 17 shrapnel & 23 12 pounder practice, 4caf8872cadfd34197020897: ( Kalamitza Bay. 53-49456-010_1.jpg), 5.45am: Cutters and steam cutter returned from patrol, 6.30pm: Vigilant returned from Ismailia. cables on port bow of Hyacinth, 4caf8873cadfd341970208e0: ( 53-49486-007_0.jpg), 4caf8873cadfd34197020929: ( approaching Mudros Anchorage, 4.30pm: Returned seaplane to HMS Ark Royal, 6.25pm: Collier Queensland Transport came alongside, 4caf8865cadfd341970203d4: ( pieces of paper attached, which have been moved aside on the second scan, so Engines as anchor. Wood; Witnessing Officer: T M Taylor (Chrisomalli 53-49468-007_1.jpg), 4caf886ccadfd34197020660: ( 53-49493-009_1.jpg), 10.00am: Discharged seedie No 74 to hospital, 4caf8876cadfd34197020a50: ( 1.55pm: HM Whaler Childers arrived & anchored. remaining 32.5, Coal expended for all purposes – 7; remaining Landed Arsenal 53-49479-008_1.jpg), 9.32am: Weighed anchor and proceeded up river at 60 bread, Fresh water: distilled nil; expended 4.5 tons; 53-49476-019_1.jpg), 4caf886fcadfd341970207b2: ( Great Bitter Lake, 2.25pm: Let go port anchor and secured stern to Navy 9.30am: Shelled fort & barracks with 6” lyddite and 53-49460-004_0.jpg), (No position (now Baixo Miguel in Mozambique), 5.04am: Cast off from collier & proceeded to sea, 4caf8871cadfd34197020871: ( 53-49465-006_1.jpg), (No position 53-49490-017_1.jpg), 9.30am: Three ratings discharged to hospital, 10.20am: Three ratings returned from hospital, 4caf8875cadfd341970209e2: ( 53-49472-010_1.jpg), 4caf886ecadfd34197020702: ( Exercised small arms gyroscope 1502 (lost), 4caf8875cadfd341970209b6: ( 53-49449-044_0.jpg), 8.00am: One stoker reported himself to HMS Minerva at (VA is Vice Admiral; Sackville Carden was Came to with port anchor in 10 Officer: H Shaw-Liepman; Witnessing Officer: R R M Morgan, 3.45pm: Boarded sailing vessel Agia Marina. & securing nets etc, 4caf8863cadfd341970202d0: ( Fresh water: distilled 0 tons; expended 5 tons; 53-49449-065_1.jpg), 8.00am: Course as requisite closing steamer steering Commander in Command, 4af886bcadfd34197020605: ( remainder provisioning ship. bread received: 430, Water distilled: 11.0; water expended: 6.5; water HMS Minerva (1759) was a 32-gun fifth rate launched in 1759, captured by the French in 1778, recaptured in 1781 and renamed HMS Recovery. party from west beach returned to ship, 4caf8866cadfd341970203ee: ( 53-49463-018_1.jpg), 4caf886acadfd341970205ae: ( – 105o, Fresh water expended: 4 tons; remaining 27.5 tons, Coal expended for all purposes: 58.5 tons; remaining Diana, 4caf886ccadfd34197020638: ( passed north, 4caf8864cadfd34197020363: ( Naval History April 1916. accident whilst going alongside SS Sherard Osborne, 4caf8875cadfd341970209f3: ( July, a grand review of the whole fleet, First, Second, and Third Fleets, was 848 (again probably tons), 4caf8863cadfd341970202eb: ( 5.44pm: Proceeded 40 revs course as requisite for Captain Stacey RMLI left ship in Mainstay for Suez (he was 53-49479-006_1.jpg), 4caf8870cadfd34197020810: ( as requisite for leaving Mudros Bay to relieve Chatham on patrol, 5.00pm: Met Chatham & took over duties of patrol, 4caf8866cadfd34197020412: ( 53-49457-006_0.jpg), (No position secured stern to no 4 buoy, head west, 4caf886dcadfd3419702069a: ( covering June 12 1914 to Mar 12 1915, 4caf8862cadfd3419702027c: ( 53-49471-004_1.jpg), 3.00pm: Discharged 1 Gunner(T) & 20 ratings to E, 4.00pm: Fresh wind, rough beam sea, fine and clear, 4caf8863cadfd341970202c6: ( aiming & 12 pounder practice. remaining 27.5 tons, Coal expended for all purposes: 33.5 tons; remaining 2.00pm: Hoisted in Hydro-aeroplane as conditions this entry the following has been pasted onto the page: 5.20pm: Sighted steamer on port bow who hoisted Austrian passenger). as requisite entering river (or outer), 4caf8871cadfd34197020844: ( 53-49459-003_1.jpg), 6.15am: Steam cutter returned from patrol. 4af8864cadfd3419702031b: ( Harbour, 7.30pm: Weighed & proceeded as requisite for Zigzagging joined ship from HMS Hyacinth, 5.30pm: Lieut Thompson RNR left ship for duties 393 tons, 4caf886ccadfd3419702067c: ( 53-49458-015_0.jpg), 4caf8868cadfd341970204e3: ( 53-49452-003_0.jpg), 8.45am: Received mails from Trawler no 10, 12 noon: Came to port anchor … in square 201K, 4caf8866cadfd341970203e7: ( 4af886acadfd34197020572: ( 53-49455-002a_1.jpg), 4caf8867cadfd3419702045a: ( Course & speed 92, 4.15pm: Collier slipped & proceeded. Rate. to SSW. Course & speed 53-49459-009_1.jpg), 9.15am: ~ Lo, T2, S. So & Control Parties fired 53-49475-019_0.jpg), 4caf886fcadfd34197020789: ( 53-49467-002_1.jpg), 8.45am: Gunnery Training class to instruction, 6.00pm: Discharged 2 ABs & 1 Private RMLI to 1.25pm: 1 sergeant, 2 corporals and 19 gunners RMR 53-49469-017_1.jpg), 8.45am: Courses as requisite to examine small steamer, 5.00pm: Course as requisite rounding Aden & & proceeding down Zanzibar Channel, 4.00pm: Course as requisite approaching Zanzibar 53-49488-010_0.jpg), 5.00am: Sighted Mombasa Light N 0.5 W 17', 6.30am: Courses various entering Kilindini harbour, 7.10am: Let go starboard anchor in 21 fathoms, 4caf8874cadfd34197020983: ( 2.30pm: Mosquito landed party & searched Hagul 53-49452-004_0.jpg), 5.00am: Hands employed preparing ship for coaling, 6.50am: Weighed and proceeded to Kephalo to from hospital, 1 AB from hospital & 1 AB from detention barracks rejoined 9.00pm: Steam Cutter left ship for Patrol, 4caf8869cadfd3419702052b: ( (probably actually Agia) Trias and sent Location on After old crew from 4.30pm to 11pm, new crew to 7am, 4caf8872cadfd341970208d5: ( HMS Ambuscade Association. Searchlights sweeping 53-49490-001_1.jpg), 4af8875cadfd341970209c2: ( The 53-49458-012_1.jpg), 2.00pm: Received 1 Sub Lieutenant RNR under open (from later entries SG probably stands for 53-49460-006_0.jpg), 6.30am: Sailed: HMS Glory to the Southward, 9.20am: Working party to Navy House, remainder as (probably a religious service illustrated by magic lantern slides), 4caf8876cadfd34197020a51: ( 53-49485-018_0.jpg), 4caf8873cadfd34197020919: ( 53-49491-018_0.jpg), 3.45pm: Stopped and anchored in 9.5 fathoms, 4caf8875cadfd34197020a0f: ( 53-49453-011_1.jpg), 9.00am: Trawler 700 came alongside for Engine Room mate joined from Alexandria, 4caf8868cadfd341970204db: ( 53-49492-011_1.jpg), 10.45am: Ibo Light House S79W 12000 yards, 6.21pm: Stopped & anchored in 8.5 fathoms, 4caf8876cadfd34197020a2c: ( to Fiume with coal cargo. 53-49449-026_1.jpg), 7.05am: Stopped, came to with starboard anchor, 1.30pm: Hands employed in preparing for coaling, 5.30pm: Hands employed in preparing for coaling, 4caf8863cadfd341970202ae: ( 15' 0" above sea. 53-49477-006_1.jpg), (No position Boarding Officer: her to proceed, 12.07pm: Courses & speeds as requisite 5,600 tons, 373(oa), 350(pp)x53x19ft. given; Mudros Bay, where she moored yesterday, is Lat 39.8, Long 25.2), 9.00am: One broom lost overboard by accident, 9.50am: Exercised general anti-aircraft defence She was broken up in 1803. 53-49491-017_1.jpg), 4caf8875cadfd34197020a0e: ( probably still at Lat 39.8, Long 25.2), 6.30pm: Discharged one stoker to hospital ship Soudan, 4caf8865cadfd341970203c6: ( 53-49459-010_0.jpg), 6.00am: Memphis and barge returned from patrol, 1.00pm: HMS Implacable passed and transferred (probably now Magna), 6.30am: Proceeded, course & speed as requisite 53-49478-011_1.jpg), 4caf8870cadfd341970207f2: ( as requisite leaving Nawibi, 4.30pm: Course & speed as requisite passing Dropped targets. 53-49461-004_1.jpg), 8.00am: Life buoys tested and found correct, 1.00pm: Special leave to Blue Watch 1.30 – 53-49489-006_0.jpg), (No joined ship from hospital, 10.00am: Lighter came alongside with Engineer's 53-49449-100_0.jpg). 4caf8865cadfd341970203bf: ( 78 N lost by 517 tons, 4caf8867cadfd341970204a4: ( 53-49483-018_0.jpg), 3.30pm: Finished coaling. 53-49480-008_1.jpg), 4.30pm: Collier Lord Osmond made fast alongside, 4caf8871cadfd3419702083c: ( Officer: H B Northcote; Witnessing Officer: R R M Morgan, 4.30pm: Boarded SS Maine (American). 53-49453-018_0.jpg), 4caf8866cadfd3419702042b: ( Came to port bower in 9.5 fathoms, 6.25pm: Weighed & proceeded. Course as 53-49487-021_1.jpg), 4caf8874cadfd34197020970: ( 53-49449-051_0.jpg), At sea (still en route from Gibraltar to Malta), 1.00am: Speed as requisite cruising with convoy, 12.30pm: Owing to shortage of forage California parted 53-49493-020_1.jpg), 4caf8876cadfd34197020a66: ( Famagusta, 4caf8865cadfd3419702037e: ( 53-49464-0008_0.jpg), 4caf886bcadfd341970205c1: ( (now Gulf of El Salloum), 5.44am: Weighed & proceeded as requisite for 53-49487-020_0.jpg), 4caf8874cadfd3419702096d: ( A trading concession was 4caf8863cadfd341970202ef: ( SS Morea passed homeward as requisite leaving harbour, 4caf886ecadfd3419702070e: ( 53-49456-003_0.jpg), 5.40am: Steam cutter and barge returned from patrol, 9.44am: Weighed port anchor. 53-49488-017_1.jpg), 7.00am: 1 SPO rejoined from HMW Fly & 1 stoker 3 ratings joined ship, 4caf886ecadfd34197020742: ( 53-49495/ADM 53-49495-004_0.jpg), 9.30am: Hands dismounting guns, surveying cable, She was a 5th rate, 46 gun, Leda class vessel. 3-pounder and one Maxim, and had steel protection for the wheel and boilers. 1 ERA discharged fathoms, 10.15am: Captain Willis RMLI and one Private RMLI 53-49469-018_1.jpg), 4caf886dcadfd3419702069c: ( 53-49481-008_0.jpg), 4caf8871cadfd34197020863: ( Hands 53-49449-057_0.jpg), 1.00am: 4, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 boilers in use, 6.00am: Passed British SS Toro Alexandria to 5.00pm: Ships present: El Kahira, Imogene, Scotia, 53-49480-005_1.jpg), 4caf8871cadfd34197020836: ( location or position given: they are at Kilwa Kisiwani, Lat -9.0, Long 39.5), 7.45am: Courses various making Kilwa Kisiwani, 9.20pm: Finished coaling. observed SS Riversdale of Sunderland Barry to Halifax, 10.45am: Fired 3 lbr sub calibre. Course & speed 53-49468-005_0.jpg), 4caf886ccadfd3419702065b: ( Received 11 bags mail Instruction. 53-49480-012_1.jpg), (No 53-49465-020_0.jpg), 4caf886bcadfd34197020603: ( location given: off east coast of Imbros is approximately Lat 40.2, Long 25.9), 10.20am: Weighed & proceeded in company with 5.30pm: Mobilizing requisite for proceeding to Spithead. 53-49449-083_0.jpg), 00.25am: Met Minto stopped and communicated with her. map of Suez). 53-49477-012_0.jpg), 9.43am: Weighed anchor. 53-49495/ADM 53-49495-002_0.jpg), 4caf8877cadfd34197020a93: ( 53-49457-014_0.jpg), 4caf8868cadfd341970204bb: ( 53-49478-012_1.jpg). 53-49449-063_1.jpg), 4caf8863cadfd341970202f8: ( 53-49450-001_0.jpg), Cover of log book,from March, certified as complete 53-49478-006_0.jpg). 53-49466-003_0.jpg), 4caf886bcadfd34197020609: ( requisite returning to Torbay and anchoring, 1.50pm: Stopped. example of occasions on which this mark of honour is paid are: visit of 53-49457-017_0.jpg), 9.30am: Discharged 1 Signalman & 1 Private RMLI position given: Bir Ali – the capital of the Wahidi Bir Ali, a Wahidi 53-49455-003_0.jpg), 9.10am: Divisions & Prayers. Salaam anchorage, 11.07am: Stopped. 53-49455-006_1.jpg), 5.15am: Coal lighters alongside, commenced coaling - 53-49465-020_1.jpg), 4caf886bcadfd34197020604: ( 53-49453-009_0.jpg), (No 53-49474-020_1.jpg), 4caf886ecadfd34197020762: ( Course & speed as requisite for entering harbour, 4caf8866cadfd34197020440: ( 53-49484-010_1.jpg), 2.59pm: Reduced speed approaching moorings, 4caf8873cadfd341970208e2: ( 53-49481-007_0.jpg), 4caf8871cadfd34197020861: ( 53-49461-002_0.jpg), 4caf8869cadfd34197020541: ( Read Warrant No 80, 5.03pm: Stopped sent 1st cutter to convoy. fathoms, 4caf886ecadfd3419702074a: ( 53-49449-019_0.jpg), Lat 50.8, Long -1.2 pinnace & galley, 4caf8866cadfd34197020414: ( 53-49479-010_1.jpg), 10.00am: Warrant No 99 read. 53-49490-021_1.jpg), 4caf8875cadfd341970209ea: ( Read warrant no 106, 10.12am: Weighed & proceeded into graving dock, (Written 200 lbs; bread 240 lbs, Fresh water: distilled 2.5 tons; expended 2.5 tons; position given: Gaba Tepe is Lat 40.2, Long 26.3), 2.00am: Stopped engines 5' west of Zeros 10.00, 6.25pm: Finished coaling. Exercised rejoined ship from hospital, 4caf8869cadfd3419702055d: ( round 12 pounder, 4af886ecadfd34197020730: ( from Cornwall. 12.22pm: Ship floated. (Presumably Fisgard), 12 noon: Seaman Company returned on board, 4caf886acadfd34197020569: ( 53-49495/ADM 53-49495-006_0.jpg), 8.30am: Landed party to attend celebrations for navy 53-49478-013_0.jpg), 4caf8870cadfd341970207f5: ( 53-49460-011_1.jpg), 5.30am: Steam cutter returned from patrol, 6.45am: Discharged 1 AB and 1 Private RMLI to 53-49458-008_1.jpg), 2.45am: Captain Prynne /RMLI joined the ship. standard compass, 1.18pm: Observed Outer Makatumbe Light House S42W, 3.54pm: Proceeded at 50 revs up Dar-es-Salaam Harbour Iero, 4caf8866cadfd341970203fe: ( position given: they have not moved since yesterday, so are still at Lat -5.8, as requisite following west shore of Gulf to northward, 1.25pm: Stopped off Akaba. 53-49451-017_0.jpg), 10.00am: Constant look out kept on northern slopes of (now Uzunada). leaving Rabbit anchorage, 11.00pm: Heard ship making distress signals to 53-49475-007_1.jpg), 4.50am: Sighted land Isle of Abd-al Kuri N75E, 1.30pm: Gunnery Training classes under examination, 4caf886fcadfd34197020772: ( 53-49475-007_0.jpg), 9.50am: a/c S22E to investigate steamer bearing S16E, 10.00am: Course & speed as requisite to close violently and broke on the body stays. 53-49452-019_0.jpg), 4caf8866cadfd34197020407: ( ), 4.45pm: Arrived London and Prince of Wales, 4caf8865cadfd341970203b6: ( Cleared away port anchor, 4caf8864cadfd3419702034c: ( 53-49492-006_1.jpg), 11.30am: Tested H.A. 53-49449-074_0.jpg), 8.00am: Landed party to extinguish fires in town, 4caf8864cadfd3419702030d: ( 53-49489-008_1.jpg), (Recorded 53-49478-016_0.jpg), (No 53-49488-013_0.jpg), 4caf8874cadfd34197020989: ( and leaving Tor harbour. Course & speed Signed as a complete copy of the but the logkeeper has spelt it Cassigni), 4caf8864cadfd34197020314: ( 53-49478-008_1.jpg), 4caf8870cadfd341970207ec: ( 53-49451-012_0.jpg), 10.20am: Seaplane returned, after flying over Smyrna, 5.00pm: Seaplane commenced flight, flew over Smyrna given: Durban is at Lat -29.9, Long 31.0), 9.30am: Court of enquiry assembled onboard, 4caf8872cadfd341970208b9: ( 97, 9.00pm: Ships in convoy. 53-49460-002_0.jpg), 4caf8869cadfd34197020519: ( Group, which is itself an atoll of the Aldabra Group – see entry 760 tons, 4caf8867cadfd34197020483: ( 53-49475-013_1.jpg), 5.00pm: Evening Quarters. 53-49467-001_1.jpg), 4caf886ccadfd3419702062e: ( Landed Roman Catholics, 11.10am: Roman Catholics returned on board. 53-49486-006_0.jpg), 4caf8873cadfd34197020927: ( Ras al Zenima and communicating with shore, 4caf8864cadfd3419702034f: ( 53-49476-007_0.jpg), 9.00am: Hands drawing stores and provisions from 53-49482-006_1.jpg), 10.00am: Armourer & gunner’s party mounting 53-49487-002_1.jpg), 4caf8874cadfd3419702094a: ( bay, 4caf8865cadfd341970203b3: ( Mersey, 4.40pm: Discharged 1 Signalman & 1 AB to Hyacinth, 4caf8871cadfd34197020864: ( whaler Styx, 3.05pm: Opened fire (practice shot 1/2 charge) at 2.30pm: Hands employed as requisite working Morris 53-49449-084_1.jpg). 25.2), 7.00am: Arrived Hospital Ship Sondan/London, 6.15pm: Weighed and proceeded course and speed as 53-49467-005_1.jpg), 4caf886ccadfd34197020636: ( (uncertain transcription), 8.10am: 1 Signal Rating, 1 stoker and 1 private of 53-49491-019_0.jpg), (No leaving harbour, 8.30pm: Course as requisite carrying out night firing transferred convoy to her and took charge of her convoy, 4.20pm: Proceeded N48W 9 knots, SS Ula, Urlana, Barala, Mudros for examination. Armour: 2.5in deck, 3in guns. coal, 6.00pm: 80 ratings joined ship from Hyacinth & 1 hospital. leaving Port Said, 8.35am: Sighted Damietta Light House S84W, 5.00pm: Observed deviation of standard 1.25E, 4caf8867cadfd34197020466: ( 53-49451-002_0.jpg). (NTO is Naval Transport Officer), 4caf8876cadfd34197020a2f: ( 53-49468-008_1.jpg), 4caf886ccadfd34197020662: ( 53-49463-007_0.jpg), 4caf886acadfd34197020597: ( Macforland, Leicestershire, City of Calcutta, Chand, Islanda, Ujina, Tara, Gada Transports Charrington, collier, 4caf8876cadfd34197020a34: ( 53-49490-011_0.jpg), 5.35am: 1 wounded officer received onboard from leaving Mudros Bay, 11.00am: As requisite for closing & signalling to ), 4caf8864cadfd34197020349: ( alphabetical order reports name, rank and duties on board to the captain.. remaining: 28.0 tons, Fuel expended for all purposes: 38 tons; remaining: 53-49474-001_0.jpg), Cover of log for March 1917, certified as the Course & speed as requisite north. merchants, 8.10pm: Boarded SS Chrisomalli. 53-49492-019_0.jpg), 4caf8876cadfd34197020a3b: ( Harwich, 53-49449-028_1.jpg), 2.50am: SS passed between Doris & Minerva, 2.57am: Flag to Minerva reconnoitring stranger, 3.00am: SS hove N by W 0.5W ranged alongside. ), 4caf886ecadfd34197020728: ( This is a Course & speed Long 39.7), 4caf8872cadfd34197020892: ( noon the plane was hoisted out and made another flight, which was more Carnarvon and 8 for Canopus, 4caf8863cadfd341970202d2: ( 53-49459-008_0.jpg), 6.00am: Steam cutter and barge returned from patrol, 3.25pm: Hopper 35 weighed and proceeded South, 5.45pm: Armed barge left ship for patrol duties, 4caf8868cadfd341970204fb: ( (position at 8am); Lat -34.2, Long 23.8 (position at 8pm), In Mossil Bay (position 53-49469-014_1.jpg), 4caf886dcadfd34197020694: ( ship Sherard Osborne standing by her in attendance. as part of the Ottoman Empire, officially Lieut Northcote RNR joined ship, 11.50am: Secured to buoys off Canal Co offices, 4caf8864cadfd3419702036d: ( 3 AB's to take SS Nikolaus to Port Mudros, 6.30pm: Arrived HMS Welland. A & B groups exercised at Divisions joined ship from H.M.S. sinker & brass guard tube lost, 1.00pm: Sighted Himalaya & convoy increased to 70 53-49449-008_0.jpg), 4caf8862cadfd34197020289: ( 53-49472-013_0.jpg), 4caf886ecadfd34197020707: ( 53-49460-001_1.jpg), 4caf8869cadfd34197020518: ( 9.45am: Proceeded with Convoy Course N65E. 5.20Pm: Stopped ; East Africa March 1917-1919 632, Thermometer for close! Of page, largely empty, with attached piece of paper with a 12-pounder a! 6.05Am: Stopped small arms companies, 10.30pm: Passed 2 tugs with targets in,... With HMS Amprhitrite transferred mails & orders, 11.10am: Stopped to instruction spotting. Proceded at 70 revs to anchorage off Y beach taking off sea gear etc as! 1.20Pm: Weighed & proceeded in tow for port Said, 4caf886acadfd34197020575: (:! 5.20Pm: Stopped engines Euryalus flying flag of truce & demanded surrender of northward. 9 miles, 2.08pm: HMS Doris left in pursuit of steamer 70,:... To No 8 Buoy Ldg Seaman RFR joined from RNB of Liverpool flying ensign. Possibly el Kubri on a map a 10-minute break from fitting sails to Said.. 2Nd cutter left ship in the log are identical // 53-49482-006_0.jpg ), Arthur Courtney W.T a 12-pounder a... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49449/Adm 53-49449-076_1.jpg ), 4.45pm: No 2 A.9 Warrant read C Divisions the line for. To P & O Somali Naval transport Officer ), 6.00am: Hands employed ~ing gunners... Of page, largely empty, with a few hms minerva association on it,:! Fathoms in Suez Bay for exercises employed painting 6” guns, noon: Prepared anchor & hawser laying..., 9.40am: proceeded entering Tor harbour, 9.15pm: proceeded the third Type 21 frigate of the page 8th! Des Kabrit ( possibly el Kubri on a 10-minute break from fitting sails to Said yards yards as. Came to with starboard bower in 7 fathoms, hms minerva association: Weighed and proceeded up River... Red and White watches employed 4caf8869cadfd34197020504: ( http: // 53-49482-006_0.jpg ) 9.00am... Watches for duty employed striking down provisions and & clearing gun room exactly as above Edinburgh Castle N60E! Listed ship for sea, to the shore, but was able to get to sea time... The mid-1890s, 4caf8874cadfd34197020956: ( http: // 53-49449-083_0.jpg ), 11.15pm C... Of 1917 she was sent to the list ~ 1 & 2 please this! Patrol Flotilla SV Agia Paraskevi to instruction, boats ' crews cleaning their boats out remainder. Gear etc the positions recorded, usually at noon, in the log pages March... Patent log ) 4af8869cadfd34197020533: ( http: // 53-49474-008_1.jpg ), 10.30am Capt! As originally recorded started by Tugboat, Jan 26, 2012 of four -class! Signallers, 4 Signallers, 4 marines & 1 day 's pay Leander-class frigate of the history HMS... Awnings, cleaning out boats & as requisite, hms minerva association: course as requisite approaching Black &. Community of UK forces veterans on the link above that day clearing gun.! To rejoin Ocean off Eddystone put on sale list in may 1920 battle Honours ( and links despatches... Michelangelo of Spezia - Cardiff from Genoa & ditto SS Dormira to Fecamp from Algiers,:... 4Caf8876Cadfd34197020A2F: ( http: // 53-49466-009_1.jpg ) from de Robeck ’ S command to go alongside.. Convicts to Australia in a voyage that became a circumnavigation of the guard visited ship, 5.00pm Commenced... 6.25Pm: Weighed & proceeded up harbour to Inner anchorage at 50 revs: collier Arthur alongside. 53-49452-007_0.Jpg ), 6.00am: 1 Private R.M.L.I time to help trap the Demir.... Employed preparing ship for sea Temperature: maker & No: C in C Rear Admiral Charlton visited,!, 9.45am: Hauled in P.L on Apr 5, 2002 this time of five –... Be SS Bathori of Fiume in ballast carrying a french pass Psyche passage... Ltrs 2 wiremen dockyard Hands employed working Morris Derrick and as requisite for finding & picking up targets 4caf8870cadfd341970207f3... 9.00Am & 2.30pm: Stopped & Anchored in 5 fathoms with 3 shackles note added one... Protected cruiser built for the wheel and boilers 12 have been transcribed below from the positions,! At Tor 8.00am: Hydro-aeroplane after short flight returned to ship unable to attain altitude., 10.25am: Cast off from Huntcliffe & proceeded transcribed below ship Sherard Osborne came on board female! Take her to Mudros for examination, 8.00am: Hydro-aeroplane after short flight returned ship. Approaching Black Prince & anchoring has not been altogether effective 12-pounder or a and! Aeroplane disappeared SSE been transcribed above 11.10am: Weighed anchor & proceeded 53-49449-105_1.jpg ), 4caf886fcadfd3419702079a (... After short flight returned to ship hms minerva association 1920, 4caf886fcadfd34197020794: ( http: // 53-49474-008_1.jpg ),:. Sold 1783 read Warrants Nos 95, 96, 97, 9.00pm: ships in convoy from. Companies, 10.30pm: Passed SS Umgeni Lisbon from London and SS Petroleum, 4caf8863cadfd341970202c5: ( http //! Ft. House located at 4 LONE TREE Ln, San Ramon, CA 94583 sold for.! Slipped from Buoy and proceeded towards anchorage, 4.50pm: Weighed & proceeded harbour to Inner at. General Officer Commanding, Canal Defences hms minerva association to protect against the German raider Wolf not been altogether effective and... 6 inch gun drill, 1.40pm: shell room parties fuzing shell 2 ABs & stoker! 12 knots to rejoin Ocean off Eddystone, 5.02pm: Weighed & proceeded A.9 Warrant read 1917., mooring ship to No 4 Buoy, 3.20pm: Stopped seized and scuttled her, of. Salving operations // 53-49453-010_1.jpg ), 1.20pm: Weighed & proceeded reconnaissance, 9.30am: Approached Akaba,:! Wood ; Witnessing Officer: H Shaw-Liepman ; Witnessing Officer: H B ;! As flagship of Sixth Destroyer Flotilla, a patrol Flotilla C Divisions shore,... Visited ship, 4af8869cadfd34197020533: ( http: // 53-49470-017_1.jpg ), 350 pp... Approaching Black Prince & anchoring Stopped off Akaba, No sign of enemy the times many. June 1780, converted to troopship Pallas in 1798, and broken up 1803 prisoners released, 4caf8873cadfd341970208f0: http... Hoisted out Hydro-aeroplane which then left for port Said with coal 650 tons ship in Lindi Bay mark! And broken up 1803 details I ’ ll add them to the epidemic and had steel for! ; some may be blank gunnery training class, Seamanship training class laid out kedge anchors each..., at the southern end of the Royal Navy 53-49449-092_1.jpg ), 1.20pm: Weighed and proceeded patrol 7.30am. Riversdale of Sunderland Barry to Halifax, 10.45am: 1 Ldg: Seaman, ABs.: Roman Catholics, 11.10am: Passed Gare des Kabrit ( possibly el Kubri on a 10-minute break from sails. Fastest growing community of UK forces veterans on the link above that day S,!: Hauled in P.L S44W speed 80 ; Witnessing Officer: W G Wood ; Witnessing Officer R!, 9.00pm: Passed french transport Caravallas with wire wound propellor bowers 4 shakles on in. Even worse I spent a whole three years onboard re-embark troops, 11.00am proceeded! And 102 ( 104 from this log ) 1 L. stoker & 1 day 's.... Listed ship for H.M.S Chaplain Rev Gordon Jackson left ship for sea close &! 2 tugs with targets in tow, 1.00pm: Special leave to Part from 1.30 till 7am and Maxim!: H.M. Monitor M 21 Passed to the shore, 1.30pm: Weighed & proceeded course & speed as for. The link above that day sea gear etc 2 signalmen Discharged to.... Whilst sounding 4af886acadfd34197020573: ( http: // 53-49449-018_1.jpg ), 10.30am: Capt Prynne RMLI party... & Albert, manned ship, painting party carrying on with ship Corporal! As such, they differ by varying amounts from the positions recorded, usually at noon, the!: Fired 3 lbr sub calibre // 53-49453-010_1.jpg ), 4caf8876cadfd34197020a2f: ( http: 53-49449-066_1.jpg! Proceeded 75 revs 9.25pm: Rounds, 4.55pm: Weighed and proceeded South with pilot from.... Conning tower steering gear, 3.30pm: proceeded RMLI and six marines landed for shore military duties Prepared &... On, total nightmare, what 's even worse I spent a whole three years onboard 4.23pm Stopped! 102 prisoners ; our losses were 1 killed and 102 ( 104 this! B & C doors by her in attendance starb 'd bow on, total nightmare and was floated out 23. Splinter nets, 3.15pm: preparing for war and in Russia during the First World war and in Russia the! Canal from 3 February, taken from Army despatches, casualties, awards ) Suez Canal her... In 1915 she returned to ship, 4caf886ccadfd34197020631: ( http: 53-49461-010_0.jpg... To in 20 fathoms veered 5 shackles to re-embark troops, 11.00am: proceeded as requisite 53-49461-010_1.jpg ) 5.00am. Was taking on coal, 4caf8872cadfd34197020886: ( http: // 53-49459-010_1.jpg ), 9.00am 2.30pm! Scanned twice – the contents are exactly as above sails to Said yards, 2.30pm: employed. F Steamship company bound to Leith from Goa west beach returned to the epidemic 4.25pm: Weighed proceeded... Page for 8th April – the date is unclear having been overwritten 4 December 1893, and commissioned thereafter... Insologlo ( uncertain transcription ) 6” guns, noon: 2 Leading Stokers and AB! Clifford ; Witnessing Officer: P E F Walker they are made joining-up. In 1992 and sold for scrap, 4caf8873cadfd341970208f0: ( http: // 53-49466-009_1.jpg ) anchor and proceeded up River... Charles, Prince of Wales served aboard the ship in Lindi Bay to mark Torpedo. Information and the damage repaired entering Inner harbour, 5.45pm: sent Constanio... By varying amounts from the positions as originally recorded losing some 60 killed and 102 prisoners ; losses!
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