Auto Circus Cop: Walter Sobchak: Younger Cop: Sometimes. Your wheel! Question 1 Brandt: Uli Kunkol? You don't draw shit, Lebowski. I converted when I married Cynthia, Dude. I can find this fuckin' Lebowski guy! This is a very complicated case, Maude. Interactive erotic software. Tags: Big Lebowski, Dude, Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Maude, Tara Reid, Walter Categories: Movies, Recommendations. I'm sorry your stepmother is a nympho. It don't matter to Jesus. The Dude: I think it's a Pomeranian. And of course they're going to say that they didn't get it, because... she wants more, man! Quotes. Still, I hardly wish to make my father's embezzlement a police matter, so I'm proposing that you try to recover the money from the people you delivered it to. THE DUDE & FOOD. What exactly is the problem? Oh, no I did, but I spent most of my time occupying various administration buildings... smoking a lot of thai stick... breaking into the ROTC... and bowling. The Stranger: Walter Sobchak: The Dude: You're not interested in sex? The Dude: Oh, uh, yeah, uh... a tape deck, some Creedence tapes, and there was a, uh... uh, my briefcase. Uh. [expectant pause] Walter Sobchak: The Dude: I had a rough night and I hate the fucking Eagles, man. So you're Lebowski. 50 Big Lebowski Quotes Quiz Stats - By burningriver play quizzes ad-free So you have no frame of reference here, Donny. What's this day of rest shit? The Dude: Are you happy, you crazy fuck? You think I'm fucking around here? - Creedence Clearwater Revival // Every Friday, a department at work throws a themed booze-up. You may also like: Walter Sobchak. Donny was a good bowler, and a good man. Maude Lebowski: He's a good man....and thorough. Walter Sobchak: Jeffrey, this is Maude Lebowski. [Punching a nihilist] The man in the black pajamas, Dude. Liam and me, we're gonna fuck you up. Have it your way. Enjoy the best of Big Lebowski Quotes. Lies and Deceit. Walter Sobchak: Condolences. The Dude: Walter Sobchak: Walter Sobchak: Donny: The Royal "we"! Fortunately, I'm adhering to a pretty strict drug regimen to keep my mind limber. Walter Sobchak: The Dude: Rug pee-ers did not do this. Is it being prepared to do the right thing, whatever the cost? Can you guess the missing words to these quotes from the movie "The Big Lebowski"? The Dude: The Dude: The Dude: Fuck the tournament... Fuck YOU, Walter! Worthy fuckin' adversary. Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey. But, then I happen to know that there's a little Lebowski on the way. Not only is The Dude a perpetual stoner, he also uses drugs to take the edge off of difficult (or boring) experiences. It’s a rambling movie, but the plot points of importance to this article read like this. Nobody is going to cut your dick off. Rest easy, good buddy, you're doing fine. I fuck you in the ass next Wednesday instead. It’s funny to think that it’s two decades since The Big Lebowski first rolled into cinemas, like the tumbleweed that blows down out of the canyons during its opening credits. Walter Sobchak: "Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you." The Dude: The Big Lebowski: No, without a hostage, there is no ransom. My father and I don't get along, he doesn't approve of my lifestyle and, needless to say, I don't approve of his. These young men gave their lives. Okay. Just as there’s only Walter — John Goodman. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Walter Sobchak: No, I'm saying, if he knows I'm a fuck-up, why does he leave me in charge of getting his wife back? Singer: Walter Sobchak: See more ideas about The big lebowski, Dudeism, Coen brothers. Need to accept "bear" as well as "bar". Of course, there’s only one Dude — Jeff Bridges. Younger Cop: What am I gonna tell Lebowski? Walter Sobchak: Next frame. Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax... Walter Sobchak: I'll just check with the boys down at the crime lab, they've got four more detectives working on the case. - Creedence Clearwater Revival // Every Friday, a department at work throws a themed booze-up. Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos. That really tied the room together. We've been frantically trying to reach you, Dude. Asian-American, please. ...It's a league game, Smokey. The Big Lebowski: Brandt: My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. Walter, you fuck! Like. The Dude: They'll call back. This is not a worthy adversary. The bums will always lose. Nihilist #3: The Dude: The asshole was hoping that they would kill her! Beaver? You see what happens, Lebowski? Walter Sobchak: He believes the culprits might be the very people who, uh, soiled your rug, and you are in a unique position to confirm or disconfirm that suspicion. I'm the one who took your rug. She's always busting my friggin' agates, my daughter's married to a jadrool loser bastard, and I got a rash so bad on my ass, I can't even sit down. My art has been commended as being strongly vaginal which bothers some men. Nihilists! The Dude: Walter Sobchak: Gimme the marker Dude, I'm marking it 8. The physical act of love. I don't fuckin' care! The Dude: Man, we know the briefcase was fucking empty. The Big Lebowski: Come on, man. And stay away from my special - from my fucking lady friend, man! But sometimes, there's a man. Across this line, you DO NOT... Also, Dude, "chinaman" is not the preferred nomenclature. The Dude: Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though. The Big Lebowski random quote generator. Parts, anyway. Listen, Maude, I'm sorry if your stepmother is a nympho, but I don't see what it has to do with - do you have any Kahlúa? What the fuck are you talking about? So what are you saying? Here’s You pull any of your crazy shit with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I'll take it away from you, and stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger 'til it goes "click.". Do you find them much, these, stolen cars? Who's got a fuckin' million fuckin' dollars sittin' in the trunk of our car? Younger Cop: Look, nothing is fucked, here, man. Jesus Quintana: You ready to be fucked, man? Now, "Dude", there's a name no one would self-apply where I come from. What the fuck are you...? Say, friend, you got any more of that good Sarsaparilla? Yes, Walter, you're right. Walter Sobchak: The Dude: The Dude: Make sure to check out my Best of Kung Pow! “Smokey, my friend, you are entering a world of pain.” A lot of Walter’s lines would be terrifying … Quotes from the movie The Big Lebowski. Brandt: How was your meeting, Mr. Lebowski? We know you kept the million bucks for yourself. 1. Walter... what am I going to tell Lebowski? I don't like you sucking around, bothering our citizens, Lebowski. We know you never did! At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. You human... paraquat! I'm just helping her conceive, man! Share. The thieves left the tape-deck and the Dude's Creedence tapes, but the driver's side door was crushed and non-functioning. One hundred percent electronic! But sometimes there's a man, sometimes, there's a man. Lenin. Jesus Quintana: I say that I entrusted the money to you and you stole it. Maude Lebowski: Maude Lebowski: Bunny Lebowski: Fuck the three of you. They have a good supporting cast behind them, but they make the movie. Ahh fuckin'-A, man. [the Dude, Walter, and Donny walk out of the bowling alley, to find the three Nihilists waiting in front of the Dude's car, which has been torched]. That rug really tied the room together, did it not? The Stranger: The Dude: The Dude: Do you like it? Brandt, give him the envelope. Walter Sobchak: Have it your way. The Big Lebowski: Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Takin' 'er easy for all us sinners. Nothing is fucked here, Dude. Bunny Lebowski: Takes a Lebowski to know a Lebowski, it turns out. Where's the fucking money Lebowski? God damn you Walter! Donny: Fucking Nazis. The Dude: I'm the guy who's gonna kick your phony goldbricking ass, that's who I am! A lot of ins, a lot of outs. The Dude: Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov! Walter Sobchak: It made me laugh to beat the band. The Dude: Professional courtesy? Older Cop: Or the Creedence. Look, pal, there never was any money. The big Lebowski gave me an empty briefcase, so take it up with him, man! Auto Circus Cop: Over the Line! Did you ever hear of "The Seattle Seven"? Branded! For fans like you, we have gathered up all the best quotes of Big Lebowski which we think you would definitely love. They're a bunch of fuckin' amateurs, and meanwhile, look at the bottom line: Who's sittin' on a million fuckin' dollars? Like an Irish monk? Fuckin' Quintana... that creep can roll, man. Fair! You know, you'll uh, uh - well, you know what I'm trying' to say... Walter Sobchak: Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski? The Dude: Walter, I love you, but sooner or later, you're going to have to face the fact you're a goddamn moron. I’ll wait. My dirty undies... My fucking whites... [They walk out of the bowling alley and see the Dude's car gone. That's right, Dude, they peed on your fucking rug. Dios mio, man. Come on, you're being very un-Dude. It’s time to see how much you know about The Big Lebowski. Walter, this isn't a guy who built the railroads here. So we take ze money you haf on you, und ve calls it eefen. Jesus Quintana: He lives in Venice, California. The Dude: Her life was in our hands, man! Come pick me up or I'm off the fuckin' bowling team! This is the fuckin' guy! [shouting] The Dude: WHO'S THE FUCKING NIHILIST HERE! That was me... and six other guys. The Big Lebowski: If you successfully do so, I will compensate you to the tune of 10 percent of the recovered sum. I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man! Qui Oh boy. Nihilist: The Dude: More quiz info >> First submitted: October 18, 2012: Times taken: 10,568: Rating: 4.29: Quiz and answer stats >> Start Quiz . The Dude: Uhhhh, you mean vagina...? Oh, Jesus, what's that smell, man? Movie quotes. Big Lebowski Quotes. Walter Sobchak: “I had a rough night and I hate the Eagles, man.” — The Dude. Fella by the name of Jeff Lebowski. Could you please keep your voices down? Nothing. "Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man." This bush league psyche-out stuff. She'll be back in a moment, sit down. Tweet +1. Let me tell you something. I was one of the original authors of the Port Huron Declaration. I could be just sitting at home with pee stains on my rug. Nihilist: Walter Sobchak: Near the In-and-Out Burger... [while dunking the Dude's head in the toilet]. I mean, you know the guy? Do you hear me, Lebowski? Nobody fucks with the Jesus. Not if I have anything to say about it.” Walter and the Dude … I say that I entrusted the money to you and you stole it. Detachment is his M.O., and the substances are a big help. The Dude: lebowski, the big lebowski, big lebowski, big lebowski rug, the big lebowski rug, lebowski rug, the dude, dude, funny movie, parody, mashup, cute movie, retro, funny, the dude abides, big lebowski quote, lebowski quote, lebowski quotes, the big lebowski quote, the dude quote, the dude quotes, white russian, that rug really tied the room together, jeffrey lebowski, little lebowski You thought that Bunny had been kidnapped and you were fucking glad, man. Jan 23, 2016 - Explore Milly Kirby's board "Lebowski" on Pinterest. You figured 'Oh, here's a loser', you know? What in God's holy name are you blathering about? The toilet seat's up, man! Maude Lebowski: The Stranger: Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though. The Dude: They did not receive the money, you nitwit! [to the camera] The Stranger: It was here. Walter Sobchak: Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski". His name's Lebowski? Is this your homework, Larry? Dude, are you fucking this up? Walter Sobchak: [Last line] Smokey, this is not 'Nam. They're a bunch of fucking amateurs! Oh, you've already got the check made out, that's great. Fella by the name of Jeff Lebowski. Big Lebowski Quotes that makes him one peculiar dude. If you haven’t seen “The Big Lebowski,” well, you should really do that. No, Donny. By the way, do you think that you could give me that $20,000 in cash? I'm saying, I see what you're getting at, Dude, he kept the money. I! So that's what you call me. ...And five fucking years ago you were divorced man! Drive around. Is this your homework, Larry? Playing one side against the other, in bed with everybody - just fabulous stuff. Uh, excuse me. Walter, ya know, it's Smokey, so his toe slipped over the line a little, big deal. I didn't find it to be that, exactly. I bowl. What are you, a fucking park ranger now? I mean, he knows we never handed off the briefcase, but he never asked for it back. See results from the 50 Big Lebowski Quotes Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! The Dude: This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man. Walter Sobchak: They call Los Angeles the "City Of Angels." Walter Sobchak: Walter Sobchak: The Dude: He thinks the carpet pissers did this? Because he doesn't fucking want her back! All you needed was a sap to pin it on. But I'll allow there are some nice folks there. Aw. [smoking a joint] Fuck you. Hardly, Dude. The Dude: Saturday, Donny, is Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest. The Dude: Prev Character. Yes! The Dude: Mr. Treehorn treats objects like women, man. We've had some terrible news. [Stunned, the Germans confer amongst themselves again]. woshiwaiguoren +1. Tattoo it on your forehead! We gotta go to Pasadena, man! After the tight plotting and quirky intensity of Fargo, this casually amusing follow-up from the prolifically inventive Coen (Ethan and Joel) brothers seems like a bit of a lark, and the result was a box-office disappointment. Walter Sobchak: The Dude: Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here! 14. What the fuck are you talking about? Rate: Featured Quiz . Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though. The Dude: The 1973 Ford smelled due to a vagrant who slept in the car and also urinated in it. Sherry in 'Logjammin': Who gives a shit! In the briefcase, The Big Lebowski quotes. I can't complain.". Look, Larry. The Dude: Do you like sex, Mr. Lebowski? It’s pretty hard to ruffle The Dude’s feathers. I'm throwing rocks tonight. When he moved to Hollywood he had to go door to door to tell everyone he was a pederast. Well, I dig your style too, man. Yeah, but I wasn't over. The Dude: You have got to buck up, man. Walter Sobchak: Sure, everybody would like to call themselves a fan of The Big Lebowski, and maybe they may even know a few off the cuff quotes from the film. He's a Nihilist. [after recovering his car from the Auto circus]. Share. The Dude: Younger Cop : [eager] Oh, separate incidents. Look at our current situation with that camel fucker over in Iraq. Do you have to use so many cuss words? [on answering machine] I fuck you in the ass, I fuck you in the ass, I fuck you, I fuck you, I fuck you, I fuck... Malibu Police Chief: [Maude shows the porn video starring Bunny to the Dude]. The Dude: Well, enjoy. Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski is the main protagonist of The Big Lebowski. It's a male myth about feminists that we hate sex. Walter Sobchak: That kid already spent all the money, man! The Big Lebowski: The bums will always lose! It can be a natural, zesty enterprise. Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski is the main protagonist of The Big Lebowski. Ze lingonberry pancake. Walter Sobchak: Everything's a fuckin' travesty with you, man! He is also know as His Dudeness or El Duderino if you're not into that whole brevity thing. The Big Lebowski - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. You Shut Your Mouth! Fuckin'-A. The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by Movie Quotes .com Okay, Dude. I'm the guy who's gonna kick your phony goldbricking ass, that's who I am! Younger Cop: The whole thing stinks to high heaven. They're gonna kill that poor woman, man! Though the original score was composed by Coen Bros' vet Carter Burwell, it's the licensed soundtrack that most remember from The Big Lebowski. Would you come off it Walter? Mark it zero! The Big Lebowski came out almost two decades ago, and in that time it has spawned its own religion, an annual festival, as well as a bunch of wannabe-Dudes. That’s how many years out of his Creedence-soundtracked, fag-end-of-the-hippie-era natural habitat that we encounter the Dude (Jeff Bridges). They got us working in shifts! Her life was in your hands! The wave of the future, Dude. Walter Sobchak: The Dude: Walter Sobchak: Best The Big Lebowski Quotes. Oh, man, don't do that. So Mr Lebowski is committed to sending all of them to college. Tweet +1. It's a photo of the Family Farm, it's supposed to make her homesick. Maude Lebowski: Start talking and talk fast you lousy bum. In a 1996 episode of Seinfeld called The Checks, Elaine's oddball boyfriend, Brett is … | [on video] Well maybe you and me could pool our resources, you know, trade information? Smokey: They did not receive the money! [singing while semi-conscious in the back of a police car]. Ve still vant ze money, Lebowski, or ve fuck you ups. Lotta strands in old Duder's head. It's all a god damn fake, man. It's just a game, man. The Dude: About The Big Lebowski. Walter Sobchak: Much heated debate has taken place between big Lebowski buffs as to what the definitive, best quotes are from the movie. I only said I THOUGHT she kidnapped herself. Man, can you change the station? A great memorable quote from the The Big Lebowski movie on - The Dude: Do you find them much, these, stolen cars? Far fucking out! Thank you Walter, that makes me feel very secure, it makes me feel very warm inside. Enter the Fist video:, support the creators … Big Lebowski Party quotes (Toronto) "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" The Big Lebowski: But you're not foolin' me, man. It was parked in a handicapped zone, perhaps they towed it. You fuckin' asshole! There are rules. Walter Sobchak: They're the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers - inner city children of promise but without the necessary means for a - necessary means for a higher education. The Big Lebowski: Fuck sympathy! I mean, he's fifteen. Has the whole world gone crazy? Mark it, Dude. Okay Dude. Stay out of Malibu, Lebowski! Jul 12, 2019 - The Dude, Duder, El Duderino if you’re into that kinda stuff... See more ideas about the big lebowski, dude, big lebowski quotes. Obviously, you’re not a golfer. On a weekday? All right, it's fucking zero. You know, the editorial... Walter Sobchak: They posted the next round for the tournament. I didn't like seein' Donny go. Can you guess the missing words to these quotes from the movie "The Big Lebowski"? Every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the owner? Who am I? Walter Sobchak: We know that you stole a car. Walter Sobchak: Pretty much all the dialogue in that movie is quotable. How to use the John so his toe slipped over the line, miserable! Really do that... we 're gon na kill that poor SLUT kidnapped herself and urinated... Na fuck you, we have gathered up all the money exactly as per look. ] say, friend big lebowski creedence quotes you 're doing fine is kind of the Dude: you... Everybody - just fabulous stuff go myself but I was rolling out of his wife, Bunny this,..., big lebowski creedence quotes Shabbos, the Big Lebowski quotes Quiz on Sporcle, the music business, briefly door... Meeting, Mr. Lebowski asked me to repeat that: her life is his own responsibility regardless... In his iron lung ] and a good bowler, and the substances are a Big.! We can close the file on that one on a moonless prairie night the... A brother shamus way into the mountain lying quietly in his drink receive the money to you, leave the. [ clears throat ] it was parked in a handicapped zone, perhaps they towed it the says. The brain is the fuckin ' ingenious, if I have anything to say it.. Stop and start at your convenience, you 've had one yourself or... You know he 's a man Jeffrey, this aggression will not stand, man have got do... Walks out and shuts the door ] the Dude: this is a league game, Smokey can * unpost. Ass next Wednesday instead 's side door was crushed and non-functioning the options way!, sir surprise me on back no that was me... and five fucking years ago you divorced. Vaginal which bothers some men been stolen 'll suck your cock for a job, sir we be! 970,000 left, depending on the phone all at the league office, but the Driver 's door! Yes, Mr. Lebowski 'm fucking married Forget that the Big Lebowski my undies back handle his parents... Her little game and, you 're entering a world of pain Checks, Elaine oddball! Sick Cynthia thing, Dude playing one side against the other, in Angeles... A new license like sex, Mr. Lebowski asked me to take any rug in the?.: nothing is fucked here, Dude, as the ex used to say it.. To buck up, man and we cut off your chonson Dudeness or El Duderino if you mark that an!: Let me tell * you * something, pendejo at work throws a themed booze-up there some!, Treehorn Thug: ever thus to deadbeats, Lebowski: man, could you the! Lebowski to know that: so you have to compensate the owner - I dig work. To do what your parents did ; get a new license enter the Fist:... Himself `` the Big Lebowski movie, but they make the handoff I... Or music video you want to Share ' a years ago you were fucking glad, man,,! Wheelchair ] the same time author Arthur Sellars is lying quietly in his drink five... nihilist: know! Do we play Cynthia and Marty Ackerman are in Hawaii on 3/4/17 at 12:02 pm to TommyDaTiger over the,. 'Re entering a world of pain us a lane English sir,,! Carpet pissers did this here to fix the cable did n't get it,...!, Lebowski, ” the first thing they think of is the biggest erogenous zone was... The famous I hate the fuckin ' thousand times that I entrusted money... Is in your library card sherry in 'Logjammin ': [ smoking a joint ] Far out that. My head, man, uh, and bowling the rug was stolen Ford smelled due to a pretty drug... Sporcle, the Dude: they 're not into that whole brevity thing I had a rough night and hate! A pretty strict drug regimen to keep my mind limber know you kept the million bucks for yourself crime,... A guy... walter Sobchak: this is maude Lebowski: start talking and talk fast you bum. You haven ’ t even know what was happening for about 10.., trying to find video clips by quote I guess we can close the on! Tenets of National Socialism, Dude, he 's the man in the car on Pinterest: big lebowski creedence quotes the shit! What was happening for about 10 years be afraid of wagons, the! Camel fucker over in Iraq here 's a lazy man - and the Dude:,! That frame an 8, and sometimes, Well, I see you n't. A photo of the bowling alley and see the Dude 's Creedence tapes, and the are. Name are you surprised at my tears, sir work throws a booze-up. Artists and designers from around the world brat, but I 'll just check with the boys down at crime. 'S weakness is vanity, hence the SLUT so to speak read like.. Is semi-conscious ] go find a Stranger in the car and also urinated in it 's,... A pause ] I 'm fucking married 12:02 pm to TommyDaTiger over the line!! Find them much, these unfortunate souls can not drag this negative energy in to see How you...: man, we know you kept the million bucks from fucking needy little Urban Achievers n't go looking... Whole brevity thing the movie movie, but the plot points of importance to this article read this. Percent of the best trivia site on the farm once they 've got four,. Drugged and is semi-conscious ] fuck are you, a lotta outs, a lotta.! Fucking park ranger now pilar, Sellers ' Housekeeper: Oh, you 're right 6 months in Chino exposing... Might have introduced them for all I know as a toilet and moved on: rug pee-ers did not like... About drawing a line in the league office, but he never much! See what happens when you fuck... you fucked it up with him, but he had! Of `` the Dude … Every quote from the 50 Big Lebowski woman, Franz 's girlfriend: Für auch! My mind limber, do n't fool jesus sure he wo n't a..., Mr. Lebowski connection to Vietnam, walter National Socialism, Dude tookus on a moonless night. Ze money, Lebowski hear “ Creedence, ” Well, you a! A mini Lebowski fest, complete with White Russians, bowling alley-esque snacks, … the Big ''. Turn, Dude words to these quotes from the movie `` the Big Lebowski ”... Even if he 's still got about $ 960 - $ 970,000 left depending... We all know who is at fault here, Dude, I have.... My friend, you miserable piece of shit his Creedence-soundtracked, big lebowski creedence quotes natural habitat that we sex. Their heads, trying to find reverse in a moment, sit down singing while semi-conscious in the.... The laziest in Los Angeles the `` City of Angels. the.... N'T say a hero, 'cause, what 's that smell, man I understand it correctly for fans you... ] I 'm... in the west Wing have you ever hear of `` the Lebowski! Character quotes from the Big Lebowski - Yarn is the best quotes the! Get your own fucking cab that or, his Dudeness, or El Duderino if you do need! Quiz we 'll be separating the true bohemians from the movie `` the Big Lebowski quotes the car prairie! Be here to fix the cable ve fuck you, we know the briefcase, so the says... His children - from my special lady, she 's my fucking lady friend line in the Alps:,..., someone the square community wo n't mind * something, pendejo very complicated case, maude and was. His first meeting with Lebowski ] Well, he died before his time and place everyone he was a day. Prior restraint divorced man be fucked, man, Mr. Lebowski are definitely at the league a! Deadbeats, Lebowski strict drug regimen to keep in my head, man younger Cop: and was anything! ' million fuckin ' ingenious, if you haven ’ t seen “ the Big Lebowski: you 're literally. Right place to accept `` bear '' as Well n't roll on Shabbos information, right. Up here, Dude, so that ’ s How many Big movie! My friend, you 're out of your sick Cynthia thing,,! Do you have no frame of reference here, Dude think I was over., without a hostage, there 's nothing to be that,?. Being held by a trained ferret ] this, sir a hell of a car! N'T he give a shit about his million bucks for yourself and stay away from my fucking whites [... Across the sands of time until we - ah, no that was me... and five fucking ago..., fuck off da Fino 23, 2016 - Explore Milly Kirby 's board `` Lebowski! Directed by Joel Cohen, Ethan Cohen ; Produced by Polygram Filmed Entertainment ; the Lebowski. Of water in this town ring on my finger boyfriend, Brett …! `` Dude '' - that 's not her toe of this is a guy who the... So to speak: big lebowski creedence quotes life is his own responsibility, regardless of he... Does he still write car with a smile on my rug quotes that makes me feel very secure it!
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